The Beginnings

A cold wind blows through the valley as winter approaches. Our intrepid adventurers have returned from a short job for the Duke Iato, third in line of the kingdom of Wass. A feast was prepared on their triumphant return.

As the duke was preparing a speech to our adventures, a blinding white light appears in the center of the banquet room. When the light dims, 5 kolbolds appear before our adventurers and party-goers. After a long and grueling battle, with the rogue playing dead, our adventurers were triumphant.

Moments later a scream was heard from the absent Duchess, following the sound our weary adventures find the Duchess slumped over her husband’s lifeless body. Embedded in the Duke’s eye was a bolt with an attached note. The note contained a single character, an over stylized B. After minutes of chuckling at such a stupid note, a sudden inspiration comes from the lowly cleric. He remembers that at one time there was a super secret group of assassins referred to as the Brotherhood.

After having the magister return from his tour of the duchy. He informed our adventurers of the Duke’s indiscretions. Two children were produced from different mothers, a boy 16 and a girl 10. A younger son between the duke and duchess, 6, was placed with his brother in apprenticeship. The magister asked our intrepid group to return the young son to his mother.

What does the future hold? What role does the Brotherhood have in all of this?


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